The Yoga Classes

integrate creative and intelligent sequencing of yoga asanas (postures) with the yogic science of sound vibration (via breath, mantra, rhythm and music), classic dharma (teachings), and adept hands-on assists. Satsang is a Sanskrit word made from Satya (Truth) & Sanga (community). The ancient practices emphasize good health, a clear mind and a kind heart, which come through stretching, sweating, strengthening, singing, laughing, connecting. It is a physical and psychological tuning. We come together and reflect to one another the possibility of our highest potential, empowering each others' desire to live in truth, authenticity and joy.


Satsang Yoga Charleston

has been called “a haven of truth.” Since 2005 the yoga shala (house) has been a place of depth, growth, and community. The flowing, vinyasa style of our Hatha-Raja classes is a potent metaphor for establishing calm in the ever-changing waters of life. The students are dedicated, enthusiastic, welcome and loving, and share a passion for yoga. There are no mirrors and no dress code. Come join us to experience the benefits to the body/mind/spirit. Yoga brings great peace and joy to you, the atmosphere, and the world.