We have the Joy...

We have the joy of teaching all over the world, but call Charleston our home. Satsang Yoga Charleston is a special place and only by visiting us will you come to experience fully what so many call their home for yoga since 2005. Whether it is our Kirtans, vegan potlucks, free meditation classes, special events, or our daily yoga class offerings for every level of practitioner, newbie or otherwise - what is evident is that people leave our Shala (literally in Sanskrit, house) feeling extraordinary and inspired. Take a moment to learn a bit about us from our website or call/email us, or just show up. We are very excited to see you.
With much love, Andrea & Jeffrey

Our Yoga Classes

integrate creative, uplifting, and intelligent sequencing of yoga asanas (postures) with the yogic science of sound vibration (via breath, mantra, rhythm and music), classic dharma (teachings), and adept hands-on assists.  You will stretch, sweat, strengthen, and laugh - experiencing a profound, life affirming physical and psychological tuning.

Satsang is a Sanskrit

word made from Satya (Truth) & Sanga (community). That's what we are - a community of truth seekers. We come together and reflect to one another the possibility of our highest potential. We empower each others' desire to live in authenticity and joy. And everyday we have the honor of witnessing transformation that changes lives.


Satsang Yoga Charleston

Since 2005 our yoga shala (house) has been a place of depth, growth, and community (satsang). The flowing, vinyasa style of our classes is an ancient, potent metaphor for establishing empowerment and calm amidst life's inevitable ups and downs. New students feel the welcoming warmth and love and passion for yoga. Yoga brings great joy to you, the atmosphere, and the world.

The Students

at SATSANG YOGA CHARLESTON are dedicated, enthusiastic, and loving, and it's contagious! No one is competitive, there are no mirrors, and no dress code. Everyone has to start where they're at. So, if you are beginning, relish in the excitement of something new. Come often so you can experience first hand how it will continue to unfold ease-ily. Our highly trained, wonderful teachers look forward to seeing you, in this place that has been called "a haven of truth."