Jackie Wood
Yoga has saved my life. Coming here has changed my life.

I was desperate because I had insomnia and hadn't slept for days. My aunt suggested I try hot yoga so I took a class at a local studio. They gave me a 7-day free pass and I went everyday. I felt amazing after my first class. My hips felt different. It opened my entire body. I was sleeping like I hadn't slept in years. Then I moved to Charleston from Florida, and was looking through the phone book for a yoga studio. I just saw a movie that Jivamukti, NY was in, and when I read your studio had Jivamukti teachers, thought, I'm going to call and see what it’s about. Jeffrey answered the phone and I asked him if they offered hot yoga. He answered “No, but we don't turn the A/C on.” Then I asked, "Is there anything I should bring?" and he said, "Just an open heart and mind." So I took a class that Andrea taught and it blew my whole world away. The chanting opened my heart, and it changed me in so many ways. Specifically in everyday decisions I make. I'm a more open-minded person. Yoga has helped me with self-acceptance and understanding myself better. Yoga has taught me how to listen to my body.
So many things keep me coming back. How it makes me feel emotionally, the community here, the friendships I've made and especially my teachers. My body and mind crave it, my heart craves it. I've gone through personal changes, especially in last two years, and if I didn't have this place to practice, I would be completely lost. I got married, then divorced, and through the entire relationship the only constant was my practice. It helped me cope with all the changes and keep my sanity. Yoga changed my life. Coming here has changed my life. There is something very special about this space, your influence on your students and the way that you teach yoga. Your approach also keeps me coming back. It's very welcoming and comforting like a family. I could be having the worst day - this has happened more than once - and I walk in here and one of the teachers gives me a hug. They can tell I’m having a bad day. That is the connection you create from practicing here because you share this experience with others. It is not just a physical practice. You obtain physical results but the benefits are so much deeper than that.