Amanda Engles
Live hard and die young.

I was ensnared in addiction and unhealthy relationships which lead to dropping out of college with a volleyball scholarship and making poor life decisions. I didn't feel alive unless I was going 1000 miles an hour and feeling crazy. Live hard and die young. At 22, I became pregnant. I felt so lost and depressed that I was eating just to make myself feel better and gained 100 pounds. Amidst all my terrible behavior, I felt I wasn't even there, that there was this girl that was hidden - a child inside of me that can't come out. Laying in bed one day in desperation I heard myself saying "I want to get back, I need help" Even though I didn't know what it was, in my head I was saying I need to go to yoga, but yoga intimidated me. I tried a bunch a different places, which were great, but I learned I needed more. From my first Ommm at Jivamukti, I was like, "This is it". I felt so connected. The feel of it and the people. And now here come the tears of gratitude. It changed my whole. life. Through yoga, I have real friends and community. I have reclaimed my body, losing all the weight that I gained. I practice my inherent perfection. I have healed my relationship with my parents and am a better mother to my daughter. I see everyday a world of possibility and it fills me with excitement and enthusiasm. I have learned that there is an inner-stability and I don't let fear control my life. I hear daily at Jivamukti that it's already there inside of me, and what we practice is tapping into it. If you even think about yoga I think you're meant to do it.