Jennifer Michaud
this is something I am grateful to bring to my kids

I was already practicing yoga before I moved to Charleston from New York City. Satsang is where I want to be because I LOVE IT! I love Andrea & Jeffrey. I love what they have to say. I love the people. I love the friends I've made. I have learned so much. Before, I would run miles and miles and miles. Everything was just stressed and just go go go - family and kids. The yoga I was practicing was good exercise, but after I came to Satsang… totally different. The asana (yoga postures) is not even what I come for. Now I exercise not only my body but my intellect, wisdom, and compassion. Every month with a new focus and a new subject to deepen my understanding. If I don't come for a couple of days my husband and kids are like, "You need to go to yoga!" Walking out or walking in, there's so much clarity and being in touch, and this is something I am grateful to bring to my kids - that if I can be spacious and have perspective, so can they. I even sing some of the mantras when I cook! I feel I am a better wife, mother, daughter, sister. I can handle everything a little bit better which before would have rocked my world. Drama is just not a big deal anymore.