Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher


This unique experience that we are all having called Life is something that has been quite the challenge for me. For my first 25 years, I knew that I was most definitely on a path, but where it lead remained unknown, and this caused me great unhappiness. After many years of being confused, overweight and frustrated with my "state of mind" (quite literally my "state of being"), I was blessed with a gift from my mother: a yoga mat and the weekly schedule of classes offered at Jivamukti Yoga. In one years’ time, my yoga practice transformed me into a being full of passion and showed me a way to share my love of Life! What an amazing opportunity. I am eternally grateful to my teachers, whose greatness is beyond words, Jeffrey Cohen and Andrea Boyd, Sharon Gannon and David Life. They are living inspirations for us all to create a life that embodies compassion and love for all beings, everywhere. Peace and love, Om shantih.