Jenny Sanford
I yearn to come here to grow.

I couldn't find the right place for yoga until I found this place. I came when I needed a lot of healing in my life. It was a great place to rebuild my strength, inner and outer. My faith is solid and the principals of yoga have strengthened it.  I yearn to come here to grow. At Satsang Yoga Charleston, I'm going to always hear something that is going to make me think - and almost always at a time when it's right to hear it.  I've learned to come no matter what issues I'm dealing with and end up leaving more relaxed, with a fresh perspective. They show all the good things life has to offer when you let yourself get a little out of your comfort zone. I never feel like I need to be an acrobat. They help my body feel good and move in new and exciting ways. I recommend this place to anyone who is searching to work out their mind, body and spirit at the same time. This is where I find inner balance.