Randi Sheppard
Having learned how to breathe well helped a lot with labor, made a huge impact.

I first took a yoga class at Golds Gym. Then my husband Brad took class with Willis, who was subbing for another teacher at the gym, and he loved her and so came here, then had me come, and I was hooked. Since then, I’m much more calm and it has made me more present and more centered. Also, changed the way I think about things. As for Brad, it’s influenced him a lot- he’s almost vegan now, which is a huge change from when he started. All good things...dedication, the feeling of wanting to do certain things. Through pregnancy and after birth, it helped release my body. It helped in the Prenatal/Postnatal class to be around other pregnant mamas or mamas with kids, the feeling of community, and having learned how to breathe well helped a lot with labor, made a huge impact. After pregnancy, it was hard to get back into it, but I want to do it all the time now. Also, certain postures help to release certain emotions and being able to have my daughter come and experience something that is important to me with me. Willis in general, is Love. Embodies love, sunshine, emotion. She is an incredible person, support, and the way she is with babies and in general. She is somebody you feel comfortable with. There is no judgment or even any question about it. I love her. She is a great teacher. I have gotten a decent amount of people in my life try yoga for the first time. I just tell people who know us, “Look how it has impacted our life!” It’s hard but it’s rewarding. Try it. You have nothing to lose. I’m very thankful, thankful for it in my life. Priya (baby) loves it too!