For as long as I have practiced yoga I have wanted to teach. I was blessed enough to find yoga at the age of 12 as a way of healing my back. The moment I walked into the door of the Jivamukti Charleston School in 2012, I knew my world was about to change, and this method is everything I had been missing. I feel that the principles of yoga have healed my soul, and taught me the meaning of true unity, forgiveness, gratitude for life and compassion for all beings. As a Massage and Craniosacral Therapist, I often remind my clients how rare it is that we take time to thank our bodies! My blessings are great, and I am abundantly grateful to my parents Jim and Missy Simmons who have taught me how to love, pursue my dreams and believe anything is possible. I bow at the beautiful lotus feet of my beloved teachers Jeffrey Cohen, Andrea Boyd, David Life, Sharon Gannon, Rafael Cervantes and the amazing caliber of teachers we have at the Charleston school who constantly encourage and inspire me. See you soon!