Saramel Evans
You can fall 600 times a day and it will be Okay.

I was working two jobs in the restaurant industry and dating a chef, and my parents were about to divorce. I was a gym person-working out, smoking, drinking and then I got into yoga, it was a slow process...I didn’t even like the chanting. I would come ten minutes late so I didn’t have to chant and it was a sporadic development. Between all of the amazing classes and patience out the wozoo with your students, I stuck with it. What made me keep coming back was the patience of the teachers. And non-judgment. I could come late, I could be in any state…it was fine. I kept hearing the retreats were amazing, so I started going on the retreats and they proved to be absolutely amazing - and the amount of growth on each retreat was exponential, and caused dietary changes every time, until I became vegan, which was after only two retreats, so that was huge. I still carry a lot of my habits. I’ve never not liked the person I was. But I’m definitely more comfortable with the person that I am. I'm definitely stronger and the yoga practice has given life more of a clear purpose and it’s developed a future and created a path of seemingly a very nice journey. Too, I have the path of veganism with a vegan restaurant thanks to y'all! I’ve never thought about what my life was supposed to do. But, thankfully, y'all encourage us to believe that it’s perfect. You begin to believe that it’s all correct. That it’s all the pilgrimage that you are supposed to be on. That nothing’s wrong. The atmosphere at Satsang is strong and spiritual and community, with a lineage. The teachers are what make it and we have the best. Truly the best. Thank you for being here. I wouldn’t know what yoga was. I remember when I first ran into Jeffrey and Andrea in town and Andrea said, "Come join us!" and I felt like I had to, and then I did. There was never any pressure, it was comfortable. Do what you can. You can fall 600 times and it will be okay. I just remember falling so much. I still fall. It’s fabulous to fall!