-Starts July 1, Sign up, email us now!
-Take 50 classes in July & August
-Write who or what you are doing it for
-Track your progress on the grid at the Shala with our fun stickers.
-Get cheered on, and cheer on others in a Spiritual Warrior battle cry for PEACE!
-Compassion Celebration Gala: roll out the red carpet and wear your best! A vegan potluck with the whole community celebrating our collective creation of miracles, accomplishment, including awards and acceptance speeches (make sure the music doesn’t play you off!).

Come on! We know Yoga is its own reward but every now and again we have to renew our resolve. It is not so obvious that when undertaking a righteous cause in the spirit of compassion, that not only are we given the strength to prevail, but we connect to our indestructible spiritual warrior nature! Let’s explore this summer a new kind of challenge - not one where you get cash and prizes or discounted yoga - but one where day in and day out you embrace the warrior and battle it out on the mat to make this world a better place!  Take the leap of faith and embrace the magic of selflessness to transform your self and world.