A Yoga Practice You Can Believe In

In addition to our 5 star reviews on Google, Facebook, and Mindbody, here is just a sample of what students have wrote to us over the years.
We are humbled to be a part of such an incredible practice.
Dhanyvadah (Thanks!)

I am so grateful, because I fractured a vertebrae, and have had pain for years. The pain has alleviated greatly, and I believe it is because I have been practicing yoga there!- Brittaine

Prenatal Yoga with Andrea has been an absolutely wonderful experience. Pregnant with our first little one, I started the class at 12 weeks and continue to attend at 38 weeks. The inclusion of breathwork, meditation, asana, specific practices for labor along with related discussion provides an open, comfortable and safe space for us mamas to embrace our experience - as is - no filter, no judgement. Andrea's passion and knowledge in regard to yoga, pregnancy and birthing along with her grounding presence creates an inspiring and fulfilling space to which I return to over and over - even through discomfort or fatigue. I thoroughly have and continue to appreciate this time and space to celebrate the incredible miracle of growing another human being.- Stacy Peth

I am so inspired to keep working, practicing, and searching for the Truth that lies within me. Thank you for creating such a sacred place that so many of us consider our spiritual home. – Sharla

Thank you for welcoming me to your studio on the December 30 class this past year. The message of the class; a lifetime of holding on. The universe brought me to your studio to aid in my growth and help heal old wounds. I thank you from my heart. My life has not been the same since. Beautiful!- John

At the beginning of this year I came to your studio for the first time with enormous amounts of apprehension and curiosity for a discipline I had only experienced through various DVDs. After only one class, I knew how much I would come to love yoga and that it would effect my life greatly. Over time, I gained the confidence to try new classes and now I find myself wanting to take a teacher training so that I may pass on the gift of yoga as you and the teachers at the studio once did unto me. – Molly

I am grateful to be a part of this family. I could be having a really tough day and just walking into the beautiful space you have created gives me such peace of mind. I appreciate the enthusiasm and passion that is brought, and it is contagious! I am one grateful student!   - Katie

I had a terrible tragedy in my life and a dear friend took me by the hand to a Jivamukti Yoga class. Yoga has both changed my life and saved my life. – Rhonda

I am so grateful for the daily gift of practicing at JYC, which never fails to bring me to presence, remind me of what matters, and help me to let go of the rest. – Anonymous

I am writing to express appreciation for all you do through the yoga classes there. I have one client in particular who I referred to your yoga studio and after just a few weeks of classes with you, I have seen such beautiful changes in the way she cares for her self. Now if only I could get all my clients to your studio…smile. – Jennifer

…As I heard about the different gurus in our life- whether they be tragedy or celebration, friend or foe- these words transported me to a place where I was to realize the greatest tragedy in my life, I was clinging to as exactly that- a tragedy. In that moment, I learned that this so-called tragedy was one of the greatest gurus I could be blessed to have received. And as the words moved me and my own heart truly opened, tears of gratitude, compassion and love released at last- never before had I been able to say thank you to this teacher in my life-that day I did- and found that grace and gratitude. Then my tragedy, which I was able to embrace finally as a guru, became my gift also. – Anonymous

One day awhile back I was unhappy with my usually wonderful husband about something I don’t remember now. My daughter Emme came to me to ask what was wrong and I said, “I am just so mad at daddy right now.” She told me I should remember what my yoga teachers talked about in a class she and my youngest took with me. She said that daddy was the same person even though I was seeing him differently. She’s almost 13 now, but was 11 then, but she was listening and held onto that lesson she was taught. It took my daughter to remind me of what was taught that day so beautifully, and is still having a ripple effect. Thank you for what you do and who you are. – Cathy

The teachings have helped me press through some difficult times when the pressure of law practice and teaching law have been overwhelming! The respite during class and afterwards is always a welcome addition to my day. – Will