Diana Bunzel
I am more at peace than any time I can remember.

Before practicing here my life was filled with anxiety, stress, and a terrible diet. I was overweight at 189 pounds and totally consumed with work - never making time for my family. My lifestyle led to many ailments such as high blood pressure, acid reflux, and insomnia, which meant daily taking of prescription medication just to manage my day and sleep at night. My body was filled with aches and pains, my mind filled with torment. I was not a happy person to be around, ask my husband. One day I wanted to get my daughter a yoga mat and went online and found the your website amidst a lot of studios that popped up. Something about the name, what I read, really caught my eye. From the first class, there was music, there was movement, and something indescribable – and it was so fun! I was asked to be patient and consistent. Little by little, the teachings of yoga took hold. I started practicing daily. Weight just came off of me (losing 60 pounds). I stopped taking medication for high blood pressure, heartburn and to sleep. I discovered a calm within. Now, I enjoy food, feel at ease in my body and relish the beauty of my family. I am more at peace than anytime I can remember. There’s a lot of comfort in coming to practice, you don’t feel so alone anymore and you don’t feel scared… I’m really grateful.