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The Yoga of Music is an homage to all the great artists whom he has come across over the many years, diverse and unique. Each week, he'll provide a tapestry of yoga teachings woven into great music, and the power of sound and vibration will reign supreme. Listen for in- depth interviews with exciting guests from all walks of life exploring the musical soundtrack to enlightenment. Namaste.

Jeffrey  is a lover of music and yoga, and combines his affection for both in a seamless manner on The Yoga of Music. He has been practicing yoga since 1992 and playing music since he was a child. His first guitar was from his mother, who played for him great music like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Carole King. He lived in New York CIty for 13 years, and in the mid-late 90's played lead guitar in a popular East Village punk band called Clowns for Progress, who to this day, people recall and desire their reunion. He then created a band called Lovey, and after moving to Charleston in 2005, a band called The Jais. He's now working on an album with famed producer Rob Fraboni, to be released in 2016. He's the co-director of Satsang Yoga Charleston and teaches inspiring, mind-expanding, vibrational classes on a daily basis. His love of music rings through all that he does.
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