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EPISODE 1: Midwifery
EPISODE 2: Placenta
EPISODE 3: Postpartum/Doulas
EPISODE 4: The Umbilical Cord
EPISODE 5: Birthing Locations/Cesarean Sections
EPISODE 6: Labor
EPISODE 7: From Water to
Parenting & Consciousness
EPISODE 9: Breast Feeding
EPISODE 10: Animal Births
EPISODE 11: Circumcision

EPISODE 12: Prevention of Primary C-Section
EPISODE 13: Ultrasounds

EPISODE 14: Paraphernalia
EPISODE 15: Vegan Babies 1
EPISODE 16: Vegan Babies 2

The Depth of Birth is a fun & informative exploration into the intricacies and sacredness of birth. UNICEF estimates that over 350,000 babies are born each day around the world, approximately one every 2.5 seconds. We discuss the physiology and psychology of birth, pregnancy, customs, practices, parenting‚Ķ interviews, book excerpts, songs, statistics, news clips, and insights that support each topic. 
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Andrea is an advocate for knowledge, mind expansion, conscious living, nonviolence, truth, and looking deeply to understand root causes. She is a yoga teacher, writer, and editor, as well as a soon to be mother. After visiting Bhumi Sehat birthing clinic in Ubud Bali she felt more educated about birth possibilities, and when becoming pregnant earlier this year, began learning about things like lotus birth, rising Cesarean rates, midwifery, and placenta, as well as common and accepted practices that seem outdated, and wanted to offer a informative discussion and insight into these elements of birth. She feels that birth is a sacred event, in which the baby can be brought into the world gently and compassionately, in a safe and loving environment, both for parents and baby.